Fifth Draft

Learning To Be A Professional Writer


Fifth Draft

Where I learn about what it takes to be a professional author.

Swapping NaNoWriMo Stories

So, Project: KING is changed from In-Development to Planning on the imaginary white board of writing projects I keep in my mind.

The First

...everything is somebody's first.

My NaNoWriMo Book Plan

But, "Time?" I hear you asking.

Declaring For NaNoWriMo

Now, hang on a second, Robert," you might be saying to yourself (And if you're saying, "Now, hang on a second, Bobby," that means you're a close friend of mine) (And if you're saying, "Now, hang on a second, Bob,"... Continue Reading →


It's a little disheartening, and not at all lost on me how similar it feels to following a career in writing, to spend so much time on something, dedicating waking hours and breaths to a task, only to have it fail.

I Finished Editing My Book. Now What?

Yesterday, in an afternoon-long editing session, I finished this draft of Project: GREY, my middle-grade science fiction adventure.

The Great Substack Exodus – Is It Right For You?

To become a writer people will pay for you have to become a writer people are worth paying for

How I’m Going To Edit My Book

Turns out I closed my eyes, 6 months passed, I grew a beard, and both of my sons are now off at college making bad decisions.

STATUS – Being A Writer –

The hardest part about being a writer is...

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