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Random bits. Never too long.

STATUS – 2.16.2021 –

*Note: Copied over from morning pages journal vol. 11, personal journal vol. 14, dated 2/16/2021

STATUS – 2.4.2021 –

Making sure it all makes sense.

QUOTES – A Year of Magical Thinking – Joan Didion

This has been an interesting read for me, and I'm not done yet.

STATUS – Keeping Track Of Things

I'm doing my paperwork, Patsy.

A Month and A Day | Project Update 1.30.2021

It’s been a month and a day, Patsy.

STATUS – 1.29.2021 –

It’s raining now, Patsy.

STATUS – Snow In Arizona

It's snowing in Arizona, Patsy.

STATUS – Inauguration Day –

It's finally come, Patsy. The turn around the bend.

STATUS – 1.19.2021 –

I'm logging back on, Patsy. The work has to continue.

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