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STATUS – Snow In Arizona

It's snowing in Arizona, Patsy.

11 Rejections In

Because, if my recent interactions with literary agents is any indication, there's a pacing issue.

STATUS – Inauguration Day –

It's finally come, Patsy. The turn around the bend.

STATUS – 1.19.2021 –

I'm logging back on, Patsy. The work has to continue.

STATUS – 1.12.2021 –

There's one flower blooming in the front of the house, Patsy.

Picking Up An Old Habit

...if you say anything is a certainty with your child then they will almost immediately do the opposite of what you just said.

STATUS – 1.4.2021 –

It’s been a long night and day, Patsy.

STATUS – 1.2.2021 –

It’s a cold night, Patsy.

STATUS – 1.1.2021 –

It’s a full moon, Patsy.

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