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One Handed Blogs

Ever since I brought these little lava monsters home- -it's proven unsurprisingly difficult to sit and write. Yesterday, while warming bottles and making dinner and doing the dishes to help my recovering super wife, I had a notion for a... Continue Reading →



Last Night

They let you keep the baby.

Notes from the Hospital: Entry 11.27

There’s a clock in our room.

Long Night #2

...spent under the cold glow of LED Phototherapy bulbs. No way around it. Just need to wait for the clock to tick over till morning. See you then. Thanks for reading, Follow me: Twitter: @robacosta Instagram: @robacosta Contact: robertmichaelacosta@gmail

A Million Things

There's a million things to think. A million things in your mind that can never be processed, never be remembered, never be fully explored as you're waiting. But then, it's over. And the million things are gone. And all you're... Continue Reading →

#Twinmaggedon Is Nigh…

Just a photo and some words.

Break It Down – The Issue With YA Books

Do you have the "Dumbledore Effect" in your book?


I have waited 32 years for this. Victoria, the 2nd largest, nearly complete T-Rex fossil, came to town. It was brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. I could go further into detail about how I've loved t-Rex since I was a kid, how... Continue Reading →

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