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So, I Finished A Book

This is 1 part explaining my process and 2 parts getting it out there so I know what the heck I plan on doing

Weeknotes 4

I put off Project: Grey for just a little while longer. I’m getting a little more worried if I’m going to hit my deadline.

13 Years

Let's discuss what can happen in 13 years.

Weeknotes 3

Typically, monsters get summoned, songs are sung, and a good deal of mead gets drank. In fact, all of those things happened.

The Book Plan

Coming off this weekend, like the past 3 years, I'm always hit with a huge burst of inspiration.

Weeknotes 1

This is a new habit of mine.

First Blog Up & Stoppage Guilt

So the Winter Break is at an end, the chaos of the holidays is over, and I got sick in Disneyland. Was it worth it? Absolutely.

Setting Up For The New Year

It's time for 2018 to end and get ready to move on.

Miles Morales: The Greatest Hero

Nothing wrong with looking back at past works to discover how you've grown. They say that's a good writing skill, right?

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