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What To Do When Your System Betrays You

I carry around a Bullet Journal with me wherever I go. For those that don’t know, Bullet Journaling is a system of analog record-keeping, time management, and task completion. It’s been a wonder for me and, honestly, I’m not sure... Continue Reading →

What Do You Do When You’ve Missed Your Blog and Haven’t Written Your Novel In A Week?

I haven't written my book in about a week.

Wheels Up and The Epitome of Storytelling

Anyway, here's a blog post I pulled from a sticky note I wrote a few weeks back.

Weeknotes 4

Writing is art, so feel free to test the boundaries of what you can do.

The Return

2 years ago, my good friend, Arnie Bermudez, came to me with a story idea. What if there was a superhero based out of our home city, Tucson, AZ?

When You Haven’t Written In 2 Weeks

Here's some stuff I'm trying this week to help me rev back up to full-speed writing machine

Writing Skill Grid: #7

Time to level up and add another orb to my Writer Skill-Grid!

Weeknotes 1

Honestly, I can't imagine anyone wanting to read this, but it's something I read about and a new style of blogging I want to try and I have a keyboard in front of me so here we go.

Wheels Up

2 1/2 day trip. Overnight flight. 2 pairs of jeans. 4 shirts. Undergarments (socks, undershirts, etc.). 3 notebooks. Leather pencil pouch. 2 books. iPod. Ear buds. Belt. Toiletries (toothbrush, deodorant, etc.) Kindle Fire with Bluetooth keypad. (Light writing on the... Continue Reading →

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