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QUOTES – Girl Giant and the Monkey King – Van Hoang

I haven't finished with it yet, and this might seem a little cluttered as I'm gushing over it, but I had to tell someone.

STATUS – 5.3.2021 –

We've been in this for so long because people refused to listen to reason, ignored the science, and decided their needs were greater than the needs of the many.

The Book Fair 3 – The “Jacobus Grid” On Every Goosebumps Cover?

Remember, forgive my lack of graphic design technique, but here's what I found.

STATUS – 4.29.2021 Notebook Transfer –

My lifestyle doesn't really suit that anymore.

STATUS – Proof of Life 4.26.2021 –

The day is open, time is open, and space is open.

My Happy Places | 100 Followers Appreciation Post

With that the top of mind, here are my happy places:

How To Get Past Overthinking

I have three rules I follow to help me get stuff done:

QUOTES – Maya and the Rising Dark – Rena Barron

I couldn't hold back my smile. If I thought Papa's voice was magical when he told stories, it was mesmerizing when he sang.

STATUS – Twinmaggedon Is Only Growing –

I don't collect Pop Funkos, at least not consciously. I have a good deal of them, I'd say. I'm not in the same league as those people who have an entire office wall dedicated to the rarest ones you can... Continue Reading →

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