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Let's start simple.

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The One About The Boys

It's been 365 days since I started watching Will Ferrell's monologue from the November 23rd episode of SNL...

Project Update – 11.18.2020

That's not how it really goes. We have spouses and children and jobs that actually pay currency. Sometimes it's hard to get to everything you want to do.

I Like Putting Restrictions On Myself

When I was a teacher, I discovered how easy it was was to fall into what I call "Curriculum Purgatory."

BTW | Back To Writing

I saw a doctor in the early weeks of October.


Taking some time off of here. Will be back when November begins. Stay safe. Happy Halloween. Eat all the candy you're physically allowed. Don't forget to vote. Thanks for reading, Follow me: Twitter: @robacosta Instagram: @robacosta Contact:

Sharing Your Writing Worries With The World

I write something I'm happy with, change up the settings, then hit the 'Publish' button in the top right corner. Why should my fiction writing be any different?

One Quarter Left

If the news is called because a crazed father of twins is running through the streets with two empty coffee pots in his hands, screaming about the end of the quarter, someone call my wife.

A One Notebook Kind Of Guy

I’m only using a particular kind of notebook now.

Aggretsuko: A Lesson in Long-Term Storytelling

I have a reason for writing, but I'll do my best to illustrate it with a similar example involving a small, but fierce, red panda named Retsuko.

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