Fifth Draft

Writer. Teacher. Freelancer.

Weeknotes 1

This is a new habit of mine.

First Blog Up & Stoppage Guilt

So the Winter Break is at an end, the chaos of the holidays is over, and I got sick in Disneyland. Was it worth it? Absolutely.

Setting Up For The New Year

It's time for 2018 to end and get ready to move on.

Miles Morales: The Greatest Hero

Nothing wrong with looking back at past works to discover how you've grown. They say that's a good writing skill, right?

Bloggin’ In A Hurry

Getting this one out quick.

Writing Like You

Couple things bouncing around in my mind right now about story and writing style so let’s try to pour them out here.

Trusting Your Words

I've lost days, DAYS, of writing because the first sentence I wrote wasn't what I imagined.

Home From Japan For A Week And I Finally Slept Like A Normal Person

Call this a practice run.

What To Do When Your System Betrays You

I carry around a Bullet Journal with me wherever I go. For those that don’t know, Bullet Journaling is a system of analog record-keeping, time management, and task completion. It’s been a wonder for me and, honestly, I’m not sure... Continue Reading →

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