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STATUS – 6.17.2021 –

Curse you, Donut Belly, and your comfy ways.

STATUS – What Books Am I Currently Reading? –

These are the kinds of books I read on the regular.

STATUS – Too Hot Send Help –

This isn't even as hot as it's going to get, Patsy.

QUOTES – Under the Red Hood – Judd Winick

Well, let's just say I'm still working on my anger management issues.

STATUS – 6.11.2021 –

You can't "go beyond plus ultra" if you're already "going beyond plussing ultra" somewhere else.

STATUS – 6.10.2021 –

But I'm back. And there's words to create.

Writing Is Like Running, Apparently?

I'd like to throw my hat into the, "find a way to connect this physical activity with this very non-physical activity" ring, if that's okay?

What Do You Do When You Fall Behind Your Writing Goal?

I mean, that's it, isn't it?

How To Use Your “New Project Momentum”

New Project Momentum is a gift you've given to yourself...

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