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Who I Am and What I Do

Let's start simple.

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Aggretsuko: A Lesson in Long-Term Storytelling

I have a reason for writing, but I'll do my best to illustrate it with a similar example involving a small, but fierce, red panda named Retsuko.

The Three Things I Need As A Writer

It’s a bit broken, this ol’ journey of mine. Fragmented into pieces of real work separated by long stretches of figuring out to work.

Entering The Writer State

My first instinct is to scream at the creative inside my mind to not worry about it!

QUOTES – Ethereal Writing – Joe Ponepinto

How do you take yourself out of your own writing?

Saying And Doing

What's the difference between saying something and doing something? Two teething babies.

Why Your Take On Batman Is Totally Wrong

Doing my best to discuss one of the most personal, important topics in my life.

Creating A Blog Schedule

You'd think we'd all be a lot more forgiving of ourselves, what with living through an idiotic presidency and a WORLDWIDE PANDEMIC HOW DO PEOPLE STILL NOT GET THIS?

STATUS – 8.19.2020 –

Been thinking about what the use of the “STATUS” title means. Is it an update? A snapshot? A quick thought? Why not all three? Since my finger infection cleared up I can actually help bathe the boys again, which my... Continue Reading →

Four Quick Book Reviews

I've finished 4 books in the last 3 weeks, so I'm going to quickly talk about them today.

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