Fifth Draft

Robert Michael Acosta. Author. Teacher. Freelancer.

Controlling Your Social Media Output

To be upfront, I'm not an expert in this field.

Leave Writing Tools Everywhere

Set up the tools for your own success.

Joseph Campbell’s Hero Journey

We meet twice a week and discuss how crazy it is that Harry Potter is basically the same person as Luke Skywalker and how The Last Jedi was probably the best thing that ever happened to Luke.

Starting A Project On Time

The boys are making noise so I fear I'll have to go soon. Let's see what I can talk about.

STATUS – 3.25.2020 –

No haircuts for 30 more days.

STATUS – 3.18.2020 –

This was my peak accomplishment yesterday.

Project Update (GREY, Camp NaNoWriMo, NESS)

Let's talk about my writing projects!

STATUS – 3.16.2020 –

Take care of yourselves. We get through this together.

A Little Bit Of Hope

Someone showed interest in Project: GREY...

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