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New Dad Binge-Watch: Harley Quinn

Did I mention the blood, swearing, and antics?

How To Make Writing A Little Easier

This isn't for me. I'm going to go cry in a bathtub of ice cream and vanilla wafers.

STATUS – 5.28.2020 –

Not sure if I've mentioned my 6-month old twin boys (HAHAHA DEAR LORD HELP ME)...

STATUS – 5.26.2020 –

Man, I'll be 36 then...

STATUS – 5.21.2020 –

I'm about to pound this espresso and finish work before the twins wake up OH GOD THEY WOKE UP.

Where I Work: #6

This is how we work, now. Whenever and wherever I can.

STATUS – 5.18.2020 –

I mean, when I post these STATUS blogs what does that mean to people?

STATUS – 5.17.2020 –

Here we go. New week.

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