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Break It Down: Soul Eater, Season 1

See, that's a problem with an overabundance of television shows. Something has to keep your interest, catch you, snag, hook, hold your attention

Weeknotes 10

See, when we write and plot and plan and prepare to writewritewrite, all we think about are the finished products of our peers/idols.

What To Do With THAT Feeling Before You Start Writing

There's a sensation that goes through your body before you begin working on a project you haven't started in a while.

Break It Down | Dragon Ball Super, Season 1

Break It Down is the sub-blog, attached to my main blog Fifth Draft, where I'll write specifically about stories.

Weeknotes 8

I've played around with the idea of reviewing things on this page. Maybe opening up a second blog to just put down some thoughts on things I watch. Story, craft, structure, and so one.

Another Writing Mantra You Need To Tell Yourself

Last week, I finally had it. My break. I was editing Project: GREY, red pen in hand, and something finally clicked.

Weeknotes 7

The desert is an awful, terrible place which should be burned to the ground. *checks notes I’ve just been informed the desert would probably appreciate that.

When 100 Words Is Okay

So not only could you not hit the goal you created, realistically thinking you could get it, the fact that you couldn't get it means you're an even bigger failure in your own eyes.

So, I Finished A Book

This is 1 part explaining my process and 2 parts getting it out there so I know what the heck I plan on doing

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