Fifth Draft

Robert Michael Acosta. Author. Teacher. Freelancer.

Trying A New Way To Write

This blog is not to serve as some revolutionary piece of writerly inspiration. Far from it. Others have most likely said what I've said in better ways.

The Online Notebook – I’m Afraid Of My Manuscript

Quick! Call the Center For Scary Trump Presidencies And Other Super Obvious Things!

Weeknotes 27

Book writing is a slow, arduous process and I don't recommend anyone try it ever again...

Every Action You Make Should Be Towards Something

Writers have a bad habit of underselling ourselves, working below our mental blocks that tell us we can't be the best at anything.

The Online Notebook – The Writer’s List

And then, usually, you succeed and everyone is happy and celebrating in the streets with champagne and Doritos.

Weeknotes 25

(NOTE: This introduction, and most of the Weeknotes, was taken from yesterday's morning pages journal entry. This is why I reference it as the last day of the month even though it's going live in July.) It's the last day... Continue Reading →

You’re Your Own Worst Enemy When Writing, And That’s A Good Thing

I'm a freelance writer, looking to write books for kids, meaning I'm my own boss AND my own employee.

Weeknotes 23

Sometimes it's more important to get the thing done than when it was due. For example, these posts!

The Online Notebook: How I Track My Progress

I started using these recently to help me monitor how I was doing while writing Project: GREY.

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