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Robert Michael Acosta. Author. Teacher. Freelancer.

The A,B,Cs of Writing

This is what it's like inside my mind. I apologize.

T.O.N. – Quotes – APT PUPIL by Stephen King

They all write like they lost a lot of sleep over it. How we've got to be careful so nothing like that ever happens again. I made my paper like that, and I guess the teacher gave me an A... Continue Reading →

Coming Back From Buying A House

Annnnnnnd we're back... ...and things are still the same. I am coming off a very intense last two weeks. Positive that many people know what it's like to close on a house, but this is our first time and it... Continue Reading →

Story-Chain Progression

See, you can follow the story train many writers and artist have that lead them to where they are.

Being Better Than Our Best Self

Because if you're already your best self today, then everything you do today is already making you better.

Weeknotes 32

Suddenly all that time you find is gone. Like water from a well in the desert, everyone else has taken their share first.

Break It Down – Marvel Movies’ Critical Mistake

I have something to say about Marvel movies.

The Online Notebook – Writing an Author Bio

You need a bio. And guess who gets to write it? You.

Weeknotes 28

People, take note, if you have never bought a house know the space-time continuum collapses down into a slinky-like shape.

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