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When Facebook Reminds You Of Incomplete Writing Projects

Kind of a bleak one today.

What Do You Cut From A Story

"I want a good story, well told."

Cutting Corners And Cheating To Get It Done

Have cheat days. Cut corners. Get it done. That's what matters. Results. How you get it done. This one's going out after my designated bed time on a Wednesday. If I want to wake up at 4am, to work on... Continue Reading →

QUOTES – The War Of Jokes and Riddles – Tom King

There's weak spots, and I'll talk about those some other time, but sometimes it's all how you leave them.

Weeknotes 40 – I Have The Morning Off

My only tutoring client cancelled this morning, meaning I have the entire day free and clear.

How I Train

Every morning for the last three weeks I've done a simple workout routine.

Allow Creative Chaos To Take Over

So how does this apply to writing?

What Is A Classroom For?

*Note: Copied over from morning pages journal vol.6, personal journal vol. 9, dated 2/3/2019 What is a classroom for? Early on in my education career, I was faced with a decision. After the chaos of the first year had receded... Continue Reading →

QUOTES – The Batman’s Grave – Warren Ellis

Well, when you put it that way, Alfred, it all seems crazy...

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