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Let's start simple.

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In Case You Were Wondering…

…what an author site belonging to a new dad looks like… Well, it kind of looks like this. A little barren, but still going. You might be asking how we survive in 110+ degree heat or how the boys get... Continue Reading →

For Kazuki Takahashi

It's a shame we don't realize the impact people had on us until they're gone, until they can no longer keep creating that impact in real time.

Stepping Back To Step Forward

These talks began a few weeks ago when I figured out that, on a good day, I have three hours to write.

Plugging Back In

I haven't written the next thing.

It’s Time To Go Back…

Thankfully, like the Turtles say, "It's time to go back."

We Have Watched…

Will they grow out of it? Maybe.

For George Pérez

Aaron Draplin does these small posts on his Twitter, labeled with an identifying number (like all his Tweets), and typically when someone of note passes away, he'll mark who it's for. It's as if he's dedicating a small space of... Continue Reading →

A Little Bit Of Inspiration

Wrote this before Baby C arrived, and before we knew he was a boy.

Remembering How To Be A Dad

Then something funny happened yesterday...

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