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QUOTES – 2023 Books #1, #2, #3 –

Here are the first three books of the year:

For Jay Briscoe

Jamin Pugh 1984 - 2023

STATUS – 1.16.23 –

We’re decluttering.

2023 Bullet Journal

It's 2023. Time to get to work.

STATUS – 2023 –

What else can you ask for?

STATUS – 12.15.2022 –


STATUS – 11.15.2022 –

I wonder if people know the Block/Mute buttons exist, so they can Block and/or Mute the accounts bugging them the most...?


But I think learning this now, in the critical year of my life, 35, is important.

The Most Important Parts Of My Day

As you can see, my writing time is dependent on my children being asleep.

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