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Weeknotes 32

Suddenly all that time you find is gone. Like water from a well in the desert, everyone else has taken their share first.

Break It Down – Marvel Movies’ Critical Mistake

I have something to say about Marvel movies.

The Online Notebook – Writing an Author Bio

You need a bio. And guess who gets to write it? You.

Weeknotes 28

People, take note, if you have never bought a house know the space-time continuum collapses down into a slinky-like shape.

Trying A New Way To Write

This blog is not to serve as some revolutionary piece of writerly inspiration. Far from it. Others have most likely said what I've said in better ways.

The Online Notebook – I’m Afraid Of My Manuscript

Quick! Call the Center For Scary Trump Presidencies And Other Super Obvious Things!

Weeknotes 27

Book writing is a slow, arduous process and I don't recommend anyone try it ever again...

Every Action You Make Should Be Towards Something

Writers have a bad habit of underselling ourselves, working below our mental blocks that tell us we can't be the best at anything.

The Online Notebook – The Writer’s List

And then, usually, you succeed and everyone is happy and celebrating in the streets with champagne and Doritos.

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