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When You Haven’t Written In 2 Weeks

Here's some stuff I'm trying this week to help me rev back up to full-speed writing machine

Writing Skill Grid: #7

Time to level up and add another orb to my Writer Skill-Grid!

Weeknotes 1

Honestly, I can't imagine anyone wanting to read this, but it's something I read about and a new style of blogging I want to try and I have a keyboard in front of me so here we go.

Wheels Up

2 1/2 day trip. Overnight flight. 2 pairs of jeans. 4 shirts. Undergarments (socks, undershirts, etc.). 3 notebooks. Leather pencil pouch. 2 books. iPod. Ear buds. Belt. Toiletries (toothbrush, deodorant, etc.) Kindle Fire with Bluetooth keypad. (Light writing on the... Continue Reading →

Taking Care Of Your Writer Body

But, as far as bodies go? Don't neglect that.

Project Update #1 and Writing In Different Styles

This seemed like a good time to do a writing project check in.

The Problem With “Titans” And Myth of the Everyreader

"Titans," the new series from the upcoming DC Universe app, had it's trailer premiere yesterday at San Diego Comic Con, and it is....definitely a thing that happened....

Writing Skill-Grid #6: Show, Don’t Tell

Time to level up and add another orb to my Writer Skill-Grid!

Choosing Who To Unfollow

I know this, because I followed many of these pages for years. And, recently, I've unfollowed a great deal of them.

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