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Reopening Old Systems

Feed the beast. Acknowledge what it's craving and give it to it.

STATUS – 9.14.2022 –

Retreating back to old practices...

Last Night I Spilled My 3rd Drink On This Laptop

This is an experimental run to make sure the keyboard on this thing still operates.

SHORT STORY: Heart on the Horizon

...if you enjoy stories about the indomitable, cracking human spirit and Eldritch horrors...

QUOTES – Avengers: World Tour – Jason Aaron

"You saved the world one time, kid, congratulations! I bet even Spider-Man has saved the world more than you."

STATUS – 8.23.2022 –

No worries. There's always tomorrow. Slow pace, forgive yourself, and try again the next day.

STATUS – 8.21.2022 –

I burnt out.

QUOTES – Tristan Strong Punches A Hole In The Sky – Kwame Mbalia

Ready to be a hero? The words echoed in my ears and pounded in my skull as images of Eddie and Brer Fox came to mind. In both those instances, I'd failed to help anybody. This would be the third... Continue Reading →

In Case You Were Wondering…

…what an author site belonging to a new dad looks like… Well, it kind of looks like this. A little barren, but still going. You might be asking how we survive in 110+ degree heat or how the boys get... Continue Reading →

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