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Where I learn about what it takes to be a professional author.

How I’m Going To Edit My Book

Turns out I closed my eyes, 6 months passed, I grew a beard, and both of my sons are now off at college making bad decisions.

STATUS – Being A Writer –

The hardest part about being a writer is...

Writing Is Like Running, Apparently?

I'd like to throw my hat into the, "find a way to connect this physical activity with this very non-physical activity" ring, if that's okay?

What Do You Do When You Fall Behind Your Writing Goal?

I mean, that's it, isn't it?

How To Use Your “New Project Momentum”

New Project Momentum is a gift you've given to yourself...

STATUS – Still Learning From Everything –

Here's comic writer/screenwriter Bryan Edward Hill saying the exact same thing I said yesterday except, you know, better...

Learn. From. Everything.

What do normal people listen to?

Every Little Thing Matters, Even When You’re Not Querying

And long stretches of time when nothing is being accomplished can feel lonely. And empty. And futile.

The Book Fair 3 – The “Jacobus Grid” On Every Goosebumps Cover?

Remember, forgive my lack of graphic design technique, but here's what I found.

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