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Fifth Draft

Where I learn about what it takes to be a professional author.

My Happy Places | 100 Followers Appreciation Post

With that the top of mind, here are my happy places:

How To Get Past Overthinking

I have three rules I follow to help me get stuff done:

The Book Fair 2.5 – Why Call It “The Book Fair?”

This is a small break to elaborate on why I'm calling this series "The Book Fair."

Building Writing Momentum

It required momentum. Art is no different.

The Book Fair 2 – What Makes A Good Cover?

I like systems.

STATUS – Am I Doing This Right?

I was watching this YouTube video on the Paul brothers yesterday, Patsy.

Forgiving Yourself

Even though I didn't hit my writing goals, I hit most of them.

The Secret Society Of First Time Story Generators

I sometimes think if there's a secret society running widely known storytelling ventures...

Setting Weekly Writing Goals: So Simple I Can’t Believe I Wasn’t Doing It Sooner

So, about these weekly writing goals...

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