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QUOTES – Who Killed Jimmy Olsen? – Matt Fraction

" means I can't protect you here, Jimmy.""There's a fussy Englishman in a black town car downstairs wearing an I'm With Stupid t-shirt over a tailcoat. He'll drive you anywhere you want to go..."" long as its out of Gotham.""...Oh,... Continue Reading →

STATUS – A Lot Of Waiting –

There's a lot of waiting going on right now, Patsy.

STATUS – Packing Up For A Few Days –

It’s never fun to pack up the boys for trips like these, Patsy. But you would know that already. Hoping for the best. Praying for peace. Looking for strength in family. I’ll talk to you soon. On hiatus until further... Continue Reading →

STATUS – Hi, How Are You Doing? –

Project: GREY's 3rd draft is all done. I know. Yay.

QUOTES – Marvels – Kurt Busiek

But life isn't always a golden age, and sometimes reality comes crashing in.

Getting My To-Read Stack Down To Humane Levels

I haven’t finished a book in a few months. My daily schedule doesn’t allow for a lot of long, independent reading sessions that don’t involve Night, Night Elmo or Five Little Ninjalinos. So my goal today is to burn off... Continue Reading →

STATUS – 8.28.2021 –

I got the morning off, Patsy.

STATUS – Project Update 8.25.2021 –

And remember, ALWAYS DRINK A LARGE COFFEE. Life is too short for small coffees.

PROJECT UPDATE – It’s The Weekend And That’s When We Use Fun Mugs –

Writing is, well, it's "going," Patsy.

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