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QUOTES – 2023 Books #13 – The Edge of the Ocean

"In the dark around her, there was only the gentle snore of the pirates, and the occasional sound of something pattering with tiny clawed feet over the dry floorboards. Over where Jonathan slept, there was no sound at all. Not... Continue Reading →

STATUS – 3.21.2023 –

I bought mine weeks ago, just waiting to open it, but I put a price on it. An additional price.

QUOTES – 2023 Books #11 and #12 –

And, yes, you should take your time with this.

STATUS – 3.13.2023 –

Then real life happened.

QUOTES – 2023 Book #10 –

I have an interesting relationship with King's work.

QUOTES – 2023 Books #8 and #9 –

Finished this with a three-year-old kicking my desk so I apologize if it's not polished:

QUOTES – 2023 Book #7 – Comics and Sequential Art

I imagine this is a book I'll be revisiting for years to come.

QUOTES – 2023 Book #6 – Fantastic Four by Alex Ross

Holy cow this was brilliant...

QUOTES – 2023 Books #4 and #5 –

To be honest, I was hesitant about reading this.

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