Fifth Draft

Learning To Be A Professional Writer

STATUS – 10.14.2022 –

35 is great. You’re not graying out just yet but all your bones sound like LEGOs snapping together when you rise from bed.​

Project Update 10.9.2022

I'm the aspiring writer who likes to give his books silly names so he can talk about them online without any important details being exposed.

SHORT STORY – A Talk In The Dark – Prelude

There were faeries in the air, pelting little Ashleigh with pebbles and acorns

Reopening Old Systems

Feed the beast. Acknowledge what it's craving and give it to it.

STATUS – 9.14.2022 –

Retreating back to old practices...

Last Night I Spilled My 3rd Drink On This Laptop

This is an experimental run to make sure the keyboard on this thing still operates.

SHORT STORY: Heart on the Horizon

...if you enjoy stories about the indomitable, cracking human spirit and Eldritch horrors...

QUOTES – Avengers: World Tour – Jason Aaron

"You saved the world one time, kid, congratulations! I bet even Spider-Man has saved the world more than you."

STATUS – 8.23.2022 –

No worries. There's always tomorrow. Slow pace, forgive yourself, and try again the next day.

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