Fifth Draft

Writer. Teacher. Freelancer.

Real Life Happens

Time gets taken from you. There's no stopping it. What's worse is when you realize it.

Giving Yourself Time

We push ourselves, amateurs especially, to work all the time all day long.

Writing Skill-Grid: #5

Time to level up and add another orb to my Writer Skill-Grid!

What’s In My Bag: #1

Just to share what I use as a traveling at-home private educator and an on-the-go freelance writer, here's what's in my bag:

Write Against The Tide

Turns out, when your country is comfortable putting kids in cages, your writing spirit can be ripped out of you.

Write The Next Thing

Write the next thing. Write the next thing. Fix it up. Send it out. Write the next thing.

Where I Work: #3

There's a magical place in Phoenix.

Writing Skill-Grid: #4

Every nook and cranny and item was clear to see and I thought, "How is he doing this so I can steal his powers?"

Running Out Of Creativity

However, as I write, and during the quiet hours of the day in between my students, story ideas pop up in my mind. Nuggets of a potentially larger tale.

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