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Learning To Be A Professional Writer

QUOTES – better than IRL – Jasmine Elliott Introduction

I should be resting right now.

STATUS – 12.16.2020 –

Less than 10 days until the special day.

The Book Fair 1 – The Unsung Hero Of 90s Middle Grade Horror

...whoopsie it's actually a book may as well read the thing oh whaaaat I actually love this books are great why didn't I read books before.

QUOTES – I Kill Giants – Joe Kelly and JM Ken Nimura

Giants are vermin, like rats or pigeons, only big, of course. Nine to twenty feet tall, and they come in all flavors...Even worse, though...the worst of all, are Titans. These are the big guys. Like Greek myth stuff. Hearts of... Continue Reading →

Reading Stack 12.11.2020

I’m not even close to hitting my reading goal on Goodreads. I even lowered it, knowing I had kids. Instead of the usual 48, I attempted 36 books in one year. Hahahaha of foolish, naive Robert of 12 months ago.... Continue Reading →

QUOTES – The Last Emperox – John Scalzi

There's something and then there's something and this book was definitely something.

STATUS – A Working Cyberpunk –

A "cyberpunk" city, if you will, except this one actually works.

STATUS – Trying To Make Things Easier –

...because IMDB apparently doesn't exist.

Project Update: 12.4.2020 & Why I Don’t Use “Big” Words

In the meantime, I'm going to sit here digesting the two celebratory donuts I had yesterday.

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