Fifth Draft

Learning To Be A Professional Author

Creating A Blog Schedule

You'd think we'd all be a lot more forgiving of ourselves, what with living through an idiotic presidency and a WORLDWIDE PANDEMIC HOW DO PEOPLE STILL NOT GET THIS?

STATUS – 8.19.2020 –

Been thinking about what the use of the “STATUS” title means. Is it an update? A snapshot? A quick thought? Why not all three? Since my finger infection cleared up I can actually help bathe the boys again, which my... Continue Reading →

Four Quick Book Reviews

I've finished 4 books in the last 3 weeks, so I'm going to quickly talk about them today.

New Wallpaper. Who Dis?

And I'll answer, "I was only on antibiotics for 10 days."

STATUS – Hello, Again. 33 Day One –

Good lord I’m 33.

STATUS – Hello –

Since I had my twin sons this past year, yeah. I'd say it was all worth it.

Querying Momentum

Let's talk about momentum.

QUOTES – A Special Audacity – Oliver Sacks

Maybe I've been in quarantine too long and haven't gotten a professional haircut in months, but all I can think is, "This is the way."

STATUS – A Small Start –

Maybe waking up at 4am is the answer?

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