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QUOTES – 2023 Books #1, #2, #3 –

Here are the first three books of the year:

QUOTES – Avengers: World Tour – Jason Aaron

"You saved the world one time, kid, congratulations! I bet even Spider-Man has saved the world more than you."

QUOTES – Tristan Strong Punches A Hole In The Sky – Kwame Mbalia

Ready to be a hero? The words echoed in my ears and pounded in my skull as images of Eddie and Brer Fox came to mind. In both those instances, I'd failed to help anybody. This would be the third... Continue Reading →

Weeknotes 2022: Vol. 7

It's been one of those insane weeks where even my Field Notes planner looks barren because of how up and at 'em I've been.

Weeknotes ’22: Vol. 5

Baby C is coming in hot. Less than a month until his due date, actually.

Weeknotes ’22: Vol. 1

Hello from out here in Phoenix, Arizona, where the sky is cloudy, the weather is chilly, and nothing makes sense and oh yeah both of my twin boys tested positive for COVID so there's that.

Weeknotes ’22: Vol. 0

Not sure about the titling, but I do want to bring this back for the new year.

Post-Holiday, Pre-Holiday Recap, Project: UPDATE, and Book Quotes

Time to get to work.

QUOTES – The Bookwanderers – Anna James

And, for just that moment, it seemed to be wholly unimportant whether Anne and Alice were real or not.

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