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QUOTES – better than IRL – Jasmine Elliott Introduction

I should be resting right now.

QUOTES – I Kill Giants – Joe Kelly and JM Ken Nimura

Giants are vermin, like rats or pigeons, only big, of course. Nine to twenty feet tall, and they come in all flavors...Even worse, though...the worst of all, are Titans. These are the big guys. Like Greek myth stuff. Hearts of... Continue Reading →

QUOTES – The Last Emperox – John Scalzi

There's something and then there's something and this book was definitely something.

QUOTES – John Dies At The End – David Wong

I half closed my eyes, my mind flooding with images of the 103 billion humans who have been born since the species appeared. A sea of people living, dying and multiplying like cells in a single organism. I squeezed my... Continue Reading →

QUOTES – New X-Men – Grant Morrison –

"This is the voice of Magneto."

QUOTES – Resolution – Autumn Christian –

Tragically gorgeous.

QUOTES – Serafina and the Twisted Staff – Robert Beatty

Everything flies along for an exciting read.

QUOTES – IT – Stephen King

On Saturdays, when Eddie could find no one to play with, he often went down to the trainyards. No real reason; he just liked to go out there.-Stephen King So I've officially given up on IT. 308 pages. 308 in... Continue Reading →

Quotes – Batman R.I.P. – Grant Morrison

Sometimes it's nice to believe in something bigger than us.

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