Fifth Draft

Learning To Be A Professional Writer


Project: BIANCA

Project Update – 5.3.2023 –

That all being said, let's talk about what's going on in front of me:

STATUS – 4.24.2023 –

Started Project BIANCA about 5 years ago…

STATUS – 4.4.2023 –

But I would like some formatting to this, something that gives me some focus.

Switching Projects. Again.

And…it's challenging.

Plugging Back In

I haven't written the next thing.

Project Update – 11.18.2020

That's not how it really goes. We have spouses and children and jobs that actually pay currency. Sometimes it's hard to get to everything you want to do.

Weeknotes 28

People, take note, if you have never bought a house know the space-time continuum collapses down into a slinky-like shape.

Weeknotes 27

Book writing is a slow, arduous process and I don't recommend anyone try it ever again...

Weeknotes 25

(NOTE: This introduction, and most of the Weeknotes, was taken from yesterday's morning pages journal entry. This is why I reference it as the last day of the month even though it's going live in July.) It's the last day... Continue Reading →

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