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Figuring Out Your Writing Language

In fact, I dare say everyone on the internet that's claimed to have cookies has never once had cookies.

That Writer Feeling

You ever get that feeling...

How To Follow Up With An Agent

So, I sent it to her with high hopes and pocketful of- March 4? That was the last #PitMad?

STATUS – 6.5.2020 –


STATUS – 6.4.2020 –

Thanks, Sorkin...

How To Make Writing A Little Easier

This isn't for me. I'm going to go cry in a bathtub of ice cream and vanilla wafers.

The Book Plan

That's what having children is. It's like not having a whole 2/3 of Time Ham.

STATUS – 4.14.2020 –

Working on a new Magic the Gathering Commander deck. 100 cards. Each one unique. To start, I usually throw every single card I like in one big pile. Then, I chip away at the cards, looking for ones with synergy... Continue Reading →

Leave Writing Tools Everywhere

Set up the tools for your own success.

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