Fifth Draft

Learning To Be A Professional Author


Writing Inspiration

Figuring Out Your Writing Language

In fact, I dare say everyone on the internet that's claimed to have cookies has never once had cookies.

STATUS – Doomscrolling –

Doing my best to stay off social media today.

How To Make Writing A Little Easier

This isn't for me. I'm going to go cry in a bathtub of ice cream and vanilla wafers.

Giving Up An Old Habit | What This Website Is For

It became my rocket booster and my stone in the road.

A Little Bit Of Hope

Someone showed interest in Project: GREY...

Plugging Back In

Happy 2020.
I'm gonna uppercut it in its stupid face.

Each Year. Every Year.

I'm not sure who first popularized this meme. Unlike most internet content, I feel this one offers something positive and positively simple to take away. I didn't write as much as I wanted, but I wrote more than I thought.... Continue Reading →

Starting Over As A Level 1 Character

It's getting back to where you want to be that's the problem.

Why Am I Doing This?

I know. It's an easy, simple goal.

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