Fifth Draft

Learning To Be A Professional Author


Writing Inspiration

Sharing Your Writing Worries With The World

I write something I'm happy with, change up the settings, then hit the 'Publish' button in the top right corner. Why should my fiction writing be any different?

One Quarter Left

If the news is called because a crazed father of twins is running through the streets with two empty coffee pots in his hands, screaming about the end of the quarter, someone call my wife.

The Three Things I Need As A Writer

It’s a bit broken, this ol’ journey of mine. Fragmented into pieces of real work separated by long stretches of figuring out to work.

Saying And Doing

What's the difference between saying something and doing something? Two teething babies.

Figuring Out Your Writing Language

In fact, I dare say everyone on the internet that's claimed to have cookies has never once had cookies.

STATUS – Doomscrolling –

Doing my best to stay off social media today.

How To Make Writing A Little Easier

This isn't for me. I'm going to go cry in a bathtub of ice cream and vanilla wafers.

Giving Up An Old Habit | What This Website Is For

It became my rocket booster and my stone in the road.

A Little Bit Of Hope

Someone showed interest in Project: GREY...

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