Fifth Draft

Learning To Be A Professional Writer


Writing Inspiration

Stepping Back To Step Forward

These talks began a few weeks ago when I figured out that, on a good day, I have three hours to write.

It’s Time To Go Back…

Thankfully, like the Turtles say, "It's time to go back."

Weeknotes ’22: Vol. 3

This is a short one this week, as Project: DEED is nearing it's finish and I really must get back to it as I'm putting this online.

Weeknotes ’22: Vol. 0

Not sure about the titling, but I do want to bring this back for the new year.

The Thing About A Revise & Resubmit…

The agent who put me on this journey could still say, "No thank you."


It's a little disheartening, and not at all lost on me how similar it feels to following a career in writing, to spend so much time on something, dedicating waking hours and breaths to a task, only to have it fail.

STATUS – Gut Feeling –

I don't really believe in otherworldly stuff, Patsy.

Accepting The Writing Dry Spells

I haven't written in my book in a week.

STATUS – 6.29.2021 –

That's the end goal, isn't it? Just write the book. Make all your dreams come true.

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