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Reopening Old Systems

Feed the beast. Acknowledge what it's craving and give it to it.

I Finished Editing My Book. Now What?

Yesterday, in an afternoon-long editing session, I finished this draft of Project: GREY, my middle-grade science fiction adventure.

PROJECT UPDATE – It’s The Weekend And That’s When We Use Fun Mugs –

Writing is, well, it's "going," Patsy.

STATUS – 3.12.2021 –

I haven't been working at home as often as you might think, Patsy.

STATUS – 3.6.2021 –

I've been posting work logs over on Twitter. I'm tired of "hot takes" or "dunks" on people or the 24+ Tweet threads, which would probably work better if you just wrote a blog, so I made the conscious decision to... Continue Reading →

STATUS – 2.4.2021 –

Making sure it all makes sense.

The Book Fair 1 – The Unsung Hero Of 90s Middle Grade Horror

...whoopsie it's actually a book may as well read the thing oh whaaaat I actually love this books are great why didn't I read books before.

Project Update – 11.18.2020

That's not how it really goes. We have spouses and children and jobs that actually pay currency. Sometimes it's hard to get to everything you want to do.

I Like Putting Restrictions On Myself

When I was a teacher, I discovered how easy it was was to fall into what I call "Curriculum Purgatory."

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