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Robert Acosta

Robert Acosta is an elementary school teacher and private tutor, with a specialty in language arts and writing. As a freelance writer, his work frequently appears on George Takei’s “Oh Myyy” Properties, like, Guacamoley, Percolately, and Knowable. He's average at Magic the Gathering, above-average at Pokémon, and an expert at changing diapers in the front seat of cars. He resides in Phoenix, AZ., with his wife, two black cats, and newborn twin sons.

STATUS – Camp NaNoWriMo 2020 –

It was not a good month, mentally. BUT. It's July, meaning Camp NaNoWriMo is kicking off.

Figuring Out Your Writing Language

In fact, I dare say everyone on the internet that's claimed to have cookies has never once had cookies.


If you've spent any time on Twitter in the last few weeks, first, what's wrong with you? Second, everybody is awful.

That Writer Feeling

You ever get that feeling...

STATUS – Still Here –

Still trying.

STATUS – 6.12.2020 –

Don't look at it.

STATUS – Doomscrolling –

Doing my best to stay off social media today.

How To Follow Up With An Agent

So, I sent it to her with high hopes and pocketful of-

March 4? That was the last #PitMad?

STATUS – 6.5.2020 –


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