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Robert Acosta

Robert Acosta is an elementary school teacher and private tutor, with a specialty in language arts and writing. As a freelance writer, his work frequently appears on George Takei’s “Oh Myyy” Properties, like, Guacamoley, Percolately, and Knowable. He's average at Magic the Gathering, above-average at Pokémon, and an expert at changing diapers in the front seat of cars. He resides in Phoenix, AZ., with his wife, two black cats, and newborn twin sons.

STATUS – Snow In Arizona

It's snowing in Arizona, Patsy.

11 Rejections In

Because, if my recent interactions with literary agents is any indication, there's a pacing issue.

STATUS – Inauguration Day –

It's finally come, Patsy. The turn around the bend.

STATUS – 1.19.2021 –

I'm logging back on, Patsy. The work has to continue.

STATUS – 1.12.2021 –

There's one flower blooming in the front of the house, Patsy.

Picking Up An Old Habit

...if you say anything is a certainty with your child then they will almost immediately do the opposite of what you just said.

STATUS – 1.4.2021 –

It’s been a long night and day, Patsy.

STATUS – 1.2.2021 –

It’s a cold night, Patsy.

STATUS – 1.1.2021 –

It’s a full moon, Patsy.

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