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Robert Acosta

Robert Acosta is an elementary school teacher with a specialty in language arts and writing. He taught for six years in both Tucson and Phoenix before starting his own private tutoring business to serve the greater metro Phoenix area. As a freelance writer his work appears on George Takei’s “Oh Myyy” websites, like and Percolately. He’s average at drawing, above-average at Magic the Gathering, and an expert at changing diapers in the front seat of cars. He currently resides in Phoenix, AZ. with his wife, two black cats, and newborn twin sons. is where he discusses what he learns on his quest to become a published author (and the greatest Pokémon League Champion of all time).

My Happy Places | 100 Followers Appreciation Post

With that the top of mind, here are my happy places:

How To Get Past Overthinking

I have three rules I follow to help me get stuff done:

QUOTES – Maya and the Rising Dark – Rena Barron

I couldn't hold back my smile. If I thought Papa's voice was magical when he told stories, it was mesmerizing when he sang.

STATUS – Twinmaggedon Is Only Growing –

I don't collect Pop Funkos, at least not consciously. I have a good deal of them, I'd say. I'm not in the same league as those people who have an entire office wall dedicated to the rarest ones you can... Continue Reading →

The Book Fair 2.5 – Why Call It “The Book Fair?”

This is a small break to elaborate on why I'm calling this series "The Book Fair."

Building Writing Momentum

It required momentum. Art is no different.

STATUS – Back To Full Signal

Going back to full signal strength this week, Patsy.

STATUS – Low Signal For The Week

That's the thing about control, especially in the world of creative-types.

The Book Fair 2 – What Makes A Good Cover?

I like systems.

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