Fifth Draft

Learning To Be A Professional Writer


General Thoughts

Not necessarily about writing.

13 Years

Let's discuss what can happen in 13 years.

Setting Up For The New Year

It's time for 2018 to end and get ready to move on.

Miles Morales: The Greatest Hero

Nothing wrong with looking back at past works to discover how you've grown. They say that's a good writing skill, right?

Home From Japan For A Week And I Finally Slept Like A Normal Person

Call this a practice run.

The Return

2 years ago, my good friend, Arnie Bermudez, came to me with a story idea. What if there was a superhero based out of our home city, Tucson, AZ?

Real Life Happens

Time gets taken from you. There's no stopping it. What's worse is when you realize it.

Giving Yourself Time

We push ourselves, amateurs especially, to work all the time all day long.

Write Against The Tide

Turns out, when your country is comfortable putting kids in cages, your writing spirit can be ripped out of you.

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