Let’s discuss what can happen in 13 years.

You can be in the first, real relationship of your life, only for it to end 17 months later in your first, real heartbreak.

Your sister can get married and have 3 kids. Two nieces and one nephew, your godson. Two are in elementary school and the other is going to pre-school soon.

You can graduate college with a degree in a field you’re not entirely sure you want to follow.

You can move in with your next big romantic relationship, alienating your friends and family in the process, taking years to recover.

You can get meet someone new at a holdover job, get married to that person, then get divorced from that same person before you’re 27.

You can start your career, the one you went to higher education for, then after years of sacrifice, tears, pain, decide that it’s not what you want to do for the rest of your life.

You can go to Disneyland. 10 more times in the span of 13 years than the first 18 years of your life, discovering a love for it that’ll burn your inspiration candle.

You can start a new career, risky, troublesome, wherein you try to make your words sound gooder than others so people will give you stacks of paper green stuff to write other, gooder words.

You can still be working on getting better at that career.

You can meet someone new,

know them for years,

never go beyond just being friends,

then finally be lucky enough to score a date with them.

You can move to a new city for that new someone.

You can finally marry them and live the happy life you both wanted.

You can travel overseas to Japan.

You can experience the pain of having a miscarriage.

13 years is a long time. And when it’s all over, time has passed, and you’ve waited patiently, fervently, just so you can hold the game in your hand, thin plastic around a foil box cover, excited about the prospect of playing a story through to completion that you’ve waited forever for, it can still feel like it’s not real.

13 years is very real. The events that happen within that time frame is very real.

There’s more I’m probably forgetting, because you don’t remember everything, but I needed to take a moment to think back, even for a second, to remind myself that a lot has happened in the space between Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts III.

And to remind myself that a lot more can happen after this. Hopefully, more gooder things.

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