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Marvel Comics

QUOTES – 2023 Book #18 –

I found MARVEL BOY at just the right time in my life.

QUOTES – Avengers: World Tour – Jason Aaron

"You saved the world one time, kid, congratulations! I bet even Spider-Man has saved the world more than you."

QUOTES – Marvels – Kurt Busiek

But life isn't always a golden age, and sometimes reality comes crashing in.

Where I Think The MCU IS Going In Phase 4 And Why

What is all this setting up for the MCU in Phase 4?

QUOTES – Avengers – Jonathan Hickman

It was the spark that started the fire -- a legend that grew in the telling.

WandaVision Theory: Getting Ahead Of Your Audience


Story-Chain Progression

See, you can follow the story train many writers and artist have that lead them to where they are.

Break It Down – Marvel Movies’ Critical Mistake

I have something to say about Marvel movies.

Miles Morales: The Greatest Hero

Nothing wrong with looking back at past works to discover how you've grown. They say that's a good writing skill, right?

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