Fifth Draft

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Project: NESS

Project Update – 5.3.2023 –

That all being said, let's talk about what's going on in front of me:

STATUS – 3.21.2023 –

I bought mine weeks ago, just waiting to open it, but I put a price on it. An additional price.

STATUS – 1.16.23 –

We’re decluttering.

STATUS – 11.15.2022 –

I wonder if people know the Block/Mute buttons exist, so they can Block and/or Mute the accounts bugging them the most...?

Project Update 10.9.2022

I'm the aspiring writer who likes to give his books silly names so he can talk about them online without any important details being exposed.

STATUS – 9.14.2022 –

Retreating back to old practices...

Plugging Back In

I haven't written the next thing.

STATUS – 3.10.2021 –

Last week's were such a huge success in terms of alleviating my anxiety and helping me get actual writing work done, I decided to bring it back.

Setting Weekly Writing Goals: So Simple I Can’t Believe I Wasn’t Doing It Sooner

So, about these weekly writing goals...

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