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Project: NESS

STATUS – 9.14.2022 –

Retreating back to old practices...

Plugging Back In

I haven't written the next thing.

STATUS – 3.10.2021 –

Last week's were such a huge success in terms of alleviating my anxiety and helping me get actual writing work done, I decided to bring it back.

Setting Weekly Writing Goals: So Simple I Can’t Believe I Wasn’t Doing It Sooner

So, about these weekly writing goals...

Project Update – 2.10.2021 –

Writer's Guilt. Query Lull. I'm coining a few terms here in the Isle of Blogging, Fifth Draft location.

STATUS – A Working Cyberpunk –

A "cyberpunk" city, if you will, except this one actually works.

Project Update: 12.4.2020 & Why I Don’t Use “Big” Words

In the meantime, I'm going to sit here digesting the two celebratory donuts I had yesterday.

Project Update – 11.18.2020

That's not how it really goes. We have spouses and children and jobs that actually pay currency. Sometimes it's hard to get to everything you want to do.

New Wallpaper. Who Dis?

And I'll answer, "I was only on antibiotics for 10 days."

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