Fifth Draft

Learning To Be A Professional Writer



Weeknotes ’22: Vol. 5

Baby C is coming in hot. Less than a month until his due date, actually.

A Little About Project: DEED…

I had this great group of kids for two years…

I Like Putting Restrictions On Myself

When I was a teacher, I discovered how easy it was was to fall into what I call "Curriculum Purgatory."

One Quarter Left

If the news is called because a crazed father of twins is running through the streets with two empty coffee pots in his hands, screaming about the end of the quarter, someone call my wife.

STATUS – 5.26.2020 –

Man, I'll be 36 then...

STATUS – 4.21.2020 –

Into the swing of things.


I have waited 32 years for this. Victoria, the 2nd largest, nearly complete T-Rex fossil, came to town. It was brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. I could go further into detail about how I've loved t-Rex since I was a kid, how... Continue Reading →

Allow Creative Chaos To Take Over

So how does this apply to writing?

What Is A Classroom For?

*Note: Copied over from morning pages journal vol.6, personal journal vol. 9, dated 2/3/2019 What is a classroom for? Early on in my education career, I was faced with a decision. After the chaos of the first year had receded... Continue Reading →

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