This is a short but necessary one.

First, to reaffirm I’m still here, time is still passing in a normal way, and I want to write.

Second, yesterday was the 4 year anniversary of my decision to leave the classroom to pursue a career in writing. I’ll try to find time to say more about that later this week, but for now, it’s a big milestone for me to look back and reflect on. How much have I accomplished? Am I where I wanted to be? How can I improve in the next 4 years?

Man, I’ll be 36 then…

Third, my boys are 6 months old. I’ve kept two human babies alive for that long. That deserves a whiskey. I’ll write about that later this week, too.

Got a lot of work coming up, a new book to start and one to keep working on. Also, I haven’t pitched to an agent in over a week which, honestly, is hurting my soul, so I need to hurry and get to that. Take care of yourself. Talk to you tomorrow.

Thanks for reading,

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