Let’s start simple.


I’m a former classroom teacher, specialized in elementary education with a focus on English Language Arts and Writing. After spending 6 years in the classroom, I transitioned into running my own private tutoring business which freed up time to let me pursue my true passion:

Telling stories.

I left the classroom to make writing my full-time career, aiming for the middle-grade/young adult market. While I have not yet published a book, my freelance work frequently appears on internet god George Takei’s “Oh Myyy” websites, like Percolately and GeorgeTakei.com.

There are 3 types of blog posts you’ll see:

First, the posts categorized under Fifth Draft. Those entries will be specifically about writing books, publishing books, creating books, understanding story, etc. If it’s something related to becoming a professional author, this is where it’ll be found.

Next, any post falling under Break It Down are my thoughts about other people’s stories. Books, comics, video games, television, movies, and so on. I haven’t written a review column in some time but I like to examine and break apart, to learn.

Finally, the most common posts fall into The Online Notebook, usually “STATUS” posts. Those are general, Morning Pages-style blogs, pure string of consciousness, usually done on my phone with a baby in my other hand. Examples: what I’m doing for the day, what books I’m reading, what music I’m listening to, or what writing project I’m working on.

60168796370__bdd2cbf7-059a-4d82-a93f-8c12f02a5d6dAnd that’s it.

Everything from here on out is for my own benefit, a way to study, to learn, to grow. Hopefully others in my position gain something and we can all become better together.

Thanks for reading,

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