There’s a magical place in Phoenix.

In the City of Heat and Hot and Scorching Blaze (or whatever Phoenix’s official nickname is), there’s a wonderful spot I discovered shortly after moving here. Coming from Tucson, I never imagined a place like this existing, full of everything I would need in life.




…I’m sure there’s more to life, but I can’t think of them right now.

Changing Hands Bookstore

Changing Hands Bookstore is located in central Phoenix (with another location in Tempe, but we’re talking about the Phoenix one, here.) They’re a local book store that hosts dozens of reading events for all-ages, author signings, Harry Potter themed parties, and monthly book clubs. Inside is a modern aesthetic mixed with an industrial vibe, concrete floors and exposed ceiling steel beams.

On the other half, is an open bar, First Draft Book Bar, with an entire room of tables and lounge chairs. A brick fireplace gets lit when the weather dips into unfavorable, and a chandelier large enough to crush a semi hangs overhead.

It’s refreshing and inspiring.

To be able to work alongside the individuals you’re chasing after, to look up from your laptop or notebook, order an espresso, witness dozens of people shopping for books in a technological age, is a wonder of times.

I go at least once a week for a casual look around, and at least 3 times for work. It’s a second home for me, and a nice escape from the City of Blazing Sun Death. (What is Phoenix’s nickname…?

Changing Hands Bookstore