If you don’t follow me on my author Instagram account (@probacosta), I post pictures of whatever notebook I’m working with or repost my blog over there from time to time. As with all things on the internet, consistency tops everything. Doing stuff every day is more often much better than doing one big thing. Obviously, if George R. R. Martin blogs every other week, it will still get more hits than some up-and-comer who is dishing out the hits every day, sometimes twice a day, but the hustle still needs to happen.


As a writing warm-up I do this practice called #7SecondShortStories, where I try to write a complete tale which can be read in seven seconds on Instagram Stories. Are they always good? No, but I’m trying. Sometimes, I do fall behind and have to upload a bunch all at once.

Like today, for example.

I’m excited for the challenge I’ve given myself, so I decided to repost them here. Enjoy:


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