Since I was 16 years old I’ve been slightly obsessed with video game and movie soundtracks. There’s still a thrill I get whenever I track down an obscure song from a small moment, and this morning was no different as I came across this gem.

This is going to be on my writing soundtrack for the foreseeable future, maybe even forever. Right now I’m plotting out what’s been officially labeled Project: TWILIGHT and this song just created the perfect moment in my head. Nothing as severe or combative as the brilliant show it’s from, but that’s the power of music, right? It allows you to paint whatever you want and this song just happened to do that for me and this story.

Trevor Morris, the show’s composer, really needs to release the OST for the second season so we can all continually bask in it’s harmonic glory. Season 1 is available here which I am very seriously considering getting on vinyl even though I don’t have a record player.

I’ve got my ending, now I just need to get everything else.

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