I got the morning off, Patsy.

Wife and the boys went to an outdoor farmer’s market today. You might recall it. We lived by it when we lived downtown. She was craving some of the Choripán they serve there, so, that warranted a trip before it gets too hot.

As such, I got a little bit of time to work on Project: GREY, get some more edits in, you know? The sooner I get that book edited, the sooner I can get my beta readers to take a look at it. The sooner I can get my beta readers to take a look at it, the sooner I can start sending it out. The sooner I start sending it out, the sooner I get an agent. The sooner I get an agent, the sooner I get a book deal. The sooner I get a book deal, well, that’s what all this is about, isn’t it?

I’ve become a huge fan of music pages like these on YouTube, that string long segments of music together around a theme. Ambient Worlds is a good one, but this morning I’m enjoying some of the Disney Park background music (or BGM for those in the know), like the one below.

I miss going to Disney with the fam. I miss Japan. I miss travel.

Time to work.

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