This is a short one because, hey, it’s NaNoWriMo time and time is evaporating as you’re reading so let’s get to it.

Yesterday, I missed my daily words. We had family come in to safely visit us and the boys, hung out in the backyard, soaking in the wonderful time of year when Phoenix is actually tolerable to be outside and doesn’t make you feel like you’re trying to breathe in microwaved cotton balls, and then they left in the early evening.

Shortly after, around bed time, the boys refused to sleep.

Couldn’t control it. Couldn’t stop it. Just, both boys. No sleepie.

Until 1:30a.

That’s when they finally crashed.

Life happens. This is true now, this will be true later, this will be true if you do finally secure that agent and that book deal and are tasked with delivering a book on a date and time that hundreds of other people are relying on. You will have missed days with zero writing.

And that’s okay.

You missed a day.

It doesn’t mean you stop.

(If you haven’t already guessed, this post might be more aimed at helping myself than helping others, but if someone else gets something out of this basic level of motivational thinking, GREAT! I’ll see you at 50k.)

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