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The week that was.

Weeknotes 2022: Vol. 7

It's been one of those insane weeks where even my Field Notes planner looks barren because of how up and at 'em I've been.

Weeknotes ’22: Vol. 5

Baby C is coming in hot. Less than a month until his due date, actually.

Weeknotes ’22: Vol. 3

This is a short one this week, as Project: DEED is nearing it's finish and I really must get back to it as I'm putting this online.

Weeknotes ’22: Vol. 2

Sorry. A bit grumpy. Let's move on to work from this past week.

Weeknotes ’22: Vol. 1

Hello from out here in Phoenix, Arizona, where the sky is cloudy, the weather is chilly, and nothing makes sense and oh yeah both of my twin boys tested positive for COVID so there's that.

Weeknotes ’22: Vol. 0

Not sure about the titling, but I do want to bring this back for the new year.

Weeknotes 40 – I Have The Morning Off

My only tutoring client cancelled this morning, meaning I have the entire day free and clear.

Weeknotes 38

I've been waking up at 4am for the past week.

Do not cross me.

Weeknotes 37

It's getting better, the talking to myself, but I can't imagine I'll ever be fully cured.

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