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STATUS – 2.17.20 –

A day out.

Too Pretty To Write In

How can I tarnish such beauty?

STATUS – 2.5.2020 –

Life of a Freelancer.

New Author Photo & Bio

Who ‘dis?

Fatherhood, Part III


Each Year. Every Year.

I'm not sure who first popularized this meme. Unlike most internet content, I feel this one offers something positive and positively simple to take away. I didn't write as much as I wanted, but I wrote more than I thought.... Continue Reading →

Fatherhood, Episode II

... ... I was peed on twice before having my morning coffee. And I've never been happier. Thanks for reading, Follow me: Twitter: @robacosta Instagram: @robacosta Contact: robertmichaelacosta@gmail

Last Night

They let you keep the baby.

Notes from the Hospital: Entry 11.27

There’s a clock in our room.

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