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STATUS – 4.24.2023 –

Started Project BIANCA about 5 years ago…

STATUS – 12.15.2022 –


STATUS – 10.14.2022 –

35 is great. You’re not graying out just yet but all your bones sound like LEGOs snapping together when you rise from bed.​

In Case You Were Wondering…

…what an author site belonging to a new dad looks like… Well, it kind of looks like this. A little barren, but still going. You might be asking how we survive in 110+ degree heat or how the boys get... Continue Reading →

STATUS – Low Signal For The Week

That's the thing about control, especially in the world of creative-types.

STATUS – Taking A Little Time…

I’m not gonna be doing any serious writing today, Patsy. Not that I don’t want to. I’ve been firing on all cylinders the last few days. But the wife and I are finally getting the house in the shape that... Continue Reading →

STATUS – 1.4.2021 –

It’s been a long night and day, Patsy.

STATUS – 1.2.2021 –

It’s a cold night, Patsy.

STATUS – 1.1.2021 –

It’s a full moon, Patsy.

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