If this site is supposed to act as a satellite for my weird little thoughts, I’m turning the signal down low this week. The internet isn’t great where I’m staying for the week so I’m going to release a little bit of the “Write All The Time On Here” stress I feel and give myself the rest of the week off and work on my offline projects (GREY’s new draft, DEED’s outline revisions, and some notes on a new story idea that may or my not turn into another book just stop, Robert, just stop).

Doesn’t mean I WON’T write on here if the internet decides to behave for a day, it just means I don’t have to.

That’s the thing about control, especially in the world of creative-types. We think we have no grasp on our output when really we’re the ones with the most control. We dictate what we do, when, and how much, in more ways than we give ourselves credit for. This is a decision I’m making for myself, rather than letting some outside force control me. If I really wanted to I could find ways to get more posts out but, instead of killing myself, I’m letting it go for a couple days.

You can do that, too, if you need to.

Talk to you soon.

Thanks for reading,

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