Fifth Draft

Learning To Be A Professional Writer


Time Management

I Only Have 30 Minutes A Day To Write. Here’s What I Do.

I only have 30 minutes a day to write.

Plugging Back In

Happy 2020. I'm gonna uppercut it in its stupid face.

The A,B,Cs of Writing

This is what it's like inside my mind. I apologize.

Coming Back From Buying A House

Annnnnnnd we're back... ...and things are still the same. I am coming off a very intense last two weeks. Positive that many people know what it's like to close on a house, but this is our first time and it... Continue Reading →

The Online Notebook: How I Track My Progress

I started using these recently to help me monitor how I was doing while writing Project: GREY.

Weeknotes 19

Simply controlling small lets you know there are things both grand and minuscule in this world.

The Book Plan

Coming off this weekend, like the past 3 years, I'm always hit with a huge burst of inspiration.

What Do You Do When You’ve Missed Your Blog and Haven’t Written Your Novel In A Week?

I haven't written my book in about a week.

Real Life Happens

Time gets taken from you. There's no stopping it. What's worse is when you realize it.

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