I picked up a Disney planner when I was in Japan. If I had known any better at the time, I would have grabbed two of them. One to use, and one to keep. Turns out they are a rare commodity here in the states.

Disney Planner

It has dot grid pages, perfect for Bullet Journaling. However, in the back is a collection of blank pages, each featuring a picture of Mickey Mouse throughout the years. Perfect for making a Progress Tracker.

I started using these recently to help me monitor how I was doing while writing Project: GREY. It let me fill in boxes as I wrote pages, just like you see for Project: BIANCA. Each box represents 3200 words written for the book.

Below that is another Tracker I’m using for my Teacher Recertification. Every teacher in Arizona needs at least 90 hours of Professional Development between their recertification. Since I left the classroom 3 years ago, I’ve been a little behind in my teacher mandated PD after school.

So, 55 hours.

3200 x 16 boxes = 51,000 words, roughly.

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