Annnnnnnd we’re back…

…and things are still the same.

I am coming off a very intense last two weeks. Positive that many people know what it’s like to close on a house, but this is our first time and it was pretty complex with our current work schedules, myself especially as a freelancer whose livelihood comes from hours spent with clients, so in all, I was very tired.

Then I got sick. Turns out if you’re not a pregnant woman then you probably should not EAT like a pregnant woman.

Then we closed on the house. Then we spent 4 days moving in. No movers hired, because I don’t trust them, means I was up and down flights of stairs and elevators with boxes of books, musical instruments, and what I can only assume were cats. (Upon later inspection, the cats did make it with us.)

In all that time, every moment, up and down our 4-story apartment complex, all I thought about was story after story after story. Going through my head. Ideas, character pieces, beginnings of books. Things to chase down, throttle to the ground, and say, “I will write you!”

But I never wrote them down. Part of me felt guilty for not writing one idea, which led to guild about the next idea so I didn’t write that one down, and it became a never-ending cycle.

And I forgot them all.

Warren Ellis said:

Digital devices are great work tools.  But always keep a notebook and pen or pencil handy.  They don’t use batteries, are as instant as use gets, and can help you think in different ways.  And then store them somewhere convenient so that you can sort through them when necessary.

And I didn’t do that. And those ideas are gone.

These last two weeks were a wonderful peek into the world ahead.  A world where it’s not just my wife and I, figuring things out alone, trying our best. It’s a world where there’s two more mouths that need feeding and two more bottoms that need changing.

T-minus less than 3 months.

I always wondered how professional writers make it with kids. How, when the chips are so high and the pressure is more than any of us aspiring writers could probably take at this time, how they managed to have kids?

It’s all about priorities, I guess. You make your kids priority #1, your partner priority #2, your writing priority #3, I would think.

I was gone for a while. Should probably have put a banner at the top of my site saying, “GONE FOR A BIT. BUYING A HOUSE. NO REGULAR BLOGGIN’ FOR A BIT. COME BACK SOON.” I’m still fairly new at this, so I didn’t, but here we are. Back and ready to do The Great Work.

I hope it’s worth it.

Thanks for reading,

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