Fifth Draft

Learning To Be A Professional Writer


Writing After A Break

STATUS – 9.14.2022 –

Retreating back to old practices...

STATUS – Proof of Life 5.24.2021 –

Hello, yes, I'm still here, Patsy.

Sharing Your Writing Worries With The World

I write something I'm happy with, change up the settings, then hit the 'Publish' button in the top right corner. Why should my fiction writing be any different?

Creating A Blog Schedule

You'd think we'd all be a lot more forgiving of ourselves, what with living through an idiotic presidency and a WORLDWIDE PANDEMIC HOW DO PEOPLE STILL NOT GET THIS?

New Wallpaper. Who Dis?

And I'll answer, "I was only on antibiotics for 10 days."

Project Update (GREY, Camp NaNoWriMo, NESS)

Let's talk about my writing projects!

Plugged In

I got a lot to accomplish this year, same as every year, but these guys being born brings about one small difference: The value of change.

Weeknotes 32

Suddenly all that time you find is gone. Like water from a well in the desert, everyone else has taken their share first.

When You Haven’t Written In 2 Weeks

Here's some stuff I'm trying this week to help me rev back up to full-speed writing machine

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