It has been a hectic week here in house Trinacostadad.

We found water damage, mixed with mold, underneath our kitchen sink late Monday evening. We’ve hated our kitchen faucet ever since we moved into the house, but the rush of having twins shortly after buying the house, mixed with the worldwide pandemic dontcha know, made swapping it out a little difficult.

Thankfully, in terrible situations such as these, all news was good news. We found a good plumber who would swap out the broken faucet for a reasonable price, found mold specialists who discovered the mold had not spread too far and the kitchen island could be saved, and I was finally able to do the dishes for the first time since Sunday. All is feeling right again.

I started doing my Morning Pages again, this time in the format of speaking to myself in the third-person, a practice I’ve done since my college days. Speaking to an idealized version of myself who knows all the answers helps reassure me I knew the answers all along or had the propensity to figure it out.

Retreating back to old practices...

That’s probably a post unto itself, but for now, I have three thousand words left on Project: NESS to get it to a first draft and have been unable to do so since last Friday.

Pray for me today.

Thanks for reading,

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