Hello, yes, I’m still here, Patsy.

We’re finally back home after a wonderful two weeks seeing some of our vaccinated family and friends. While there’s never enough time to see everyone, it did lighten our spirits to know we’re getting back to a sense of normalcy. I know the world isn’t stable just yet, and there’s a lot of people who still need help out there, but for two weeks, it felt right.

And that made me feel a strange mixture of joy and sadness I don’t know if I’ll ever feel again.

This marks around 14 months since my last haircut. This hairstyle I’m rocking in the featured image is one my boys can do, too. We pull their hair back into ponytails like this.

My mother affectionately refers to us when we wear our hair like this as, “Colonial Boys.”

So, this is my Colonial Boy Proof of Life.

Let’s get to work. Project: GREY is booted up in front of me, needing to be finished by the end of the month, hopefully with edits done before the end of summer so I can start sending it back out again. A cup of espresso is on the desk, ready to be chugged.

I’m ready.

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