It’s no shock or surprise to anyone that I have a deep, passionate love (Is love the right word? To avoid using the term “obsession” and prevent my father from having deep, deep shame, we’ll call it love.) of writing tools and utilities.

A quick glance over the Instagram and Tumblr accounts I follow will show many profiles dedicated to writing devices. I carry a notebook with me everywhere and, when possible, a whole kit.

Just to share what I use as a traveling at-home private educator and an on-the-go freelance writer, here’s what’s in my bag (ignore the desk chaos please and thank you):


Easiest to go from left to right:

Field Notes. Never go anywhere without them. The brown one is their Original Kraft (US) and the blue is their Resolution Brand (US).

Rustic Town Pencil Case. Wouldn’t have thought I needed one, but, I need one. (Showing what tools are inside will probably be a whole other entry.) (US)

iPod 4th Generation 16GB. I know, it’s probably better to just put everything on my iPhone 6, but I have a knack for keeping stuff alive long past its dead-by date. Have had this one since 2014.

Moleskine Ruled Notebook. 5 x 8 1/2 in. This is what I use for my Bullet Journal. Day to day tasks, projects in progress, yearly calendar, and so on. (Again, probably warrant it’s own post.) (US)

Kindle Fire 5th Generation (US) with a MoKo Case (US). This helps run the tutoring business. Khan Academy videos or presentations can be run off here with relative ease. I know someday I’ll need to upgrade to an iPad, but for now, my cheap self loves this thing.

Padfolio Leather Binder. This is what runs my tutoring business. I usually keep my tablet, pens, and a legal pad inside and teach using everything it carries. The thought is if I just need one thing to instruct, it’ll be this. (US)

Monster Rangers Rucksack. I just switched back to backpack-style bags. After using messenger bags for 10 years, my shoulder finally needed a break. The Steam Crow Monster Rangers are an amazing organization, and the people in charge are even moreso. Will definitely write about them and how they helped me feel at home in Phoenix.(US)