Fifth Draft

Learning To Be A Professional Writer



STATUS – 4.29.2021 Notebook Transfer –

My lifestyle doesn't really suit that anymore.

STATUS – Notebook Transfer 3.2.2021

The lines are important.

A One Notebook Kind Of Guy

I’m only using a particular kind of notebook now.

STATUS – 5.13.2020 –

This is my everything...

Too Pretty To Write In

How can I tarnish such beauty?

Life’s Too Short For Notebooks You Hate

All this to not feel guilty about leaving a notebook 2/3 empty.

Picking Up An Old Story Again

Just another signpost in the desert to reach.

What’s In My Bag: #1

Just to share what I use as a traveling at-home private educator and an on-the-go freelance writer, here's what's in my bag:

Running Out Of Creativity

However, as I write, and during the quiet hours of the day in between my students, story ideas pop up in my mind. Nuggets of a potentially larger tale.

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