(NOTE: This is copied over from a Morning Pages journal entry from 8/26/2018 and has minimal ties to writing, but I felt it important enough to the arts to share. Oh, I’m talking to myself in this. You’ll notice as you read. I might be a crazy person.)

Let’s talk about self-realization. The idea that we place in our head and attemtp to bring to the surface. We all have it. An image of what we want to be. The idealized, perfect version of us…



And I guess I’m here today to talk about how silly that all is.

Because, guess what, dude, you are already the most perfect version of yourself. Yep. If you look back on all our life choices that led you to this moment, then there is no better version of you out there.

This is it. Enjoy.

But what if we don’t like who we are now? That’s a very real possibility for a lot of peeps, you included. Odds are we think about a few more turns in the gym or doing a couple more projects at home. You know, those things we think would elevate us to a higher level.

You know who’s problem that is?


What can you do about today, though? Because if you’re already your best self today, then everything you do today is already making you better. Better than yesterday.

Just, better.

How do you achieve true “betterness?” Is that even a real word?

Think about this: Every time you chose to turn off the television to draw or go to the gym, you’re taking your “best” self and stepping on its head to rise above it. Yep. Think about that. Since you are technically, now, your “best self,” doing anything good means you’re becoming better than your best self.

Rising above.

Things are already hard enough without you being hard on yourself. If you choose to kick your stomach while laying whimpering, cramping, on the ground, than that’s two pairs of boots in your gut.


That’s the best I can say.

Maybe it takes some real-world experience for all those clichéd sayings from 90’s kids movies to click on, but, “you can be your own worst enemy.” That’s not okay. Support yourself by giving yourself a break, or the rest of the world will give up on you.

“Time is short.” Yeah, it is. Years are nothing.

You have stories.


Characters. Plots. Storylines. Magic. Combat. Triumphs. Loss.

So, how do you do that?

You sacrifice. Give up. To give up is the easiest thing to understand, but the hardest thing to actually do. It’s easy to give up on the thing you want, but not easy to give up the thing you don’t need?

Just give up.

Give up that which is unnecessary.

Do the Great Work.

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