Look, if you dig the trailer, cool on you.


I’ve been down this rabbit hole before, and it’s not filled with carrots or a wise-cracking bunny. Instead it’s filled with heartbreak, sad conversations with your buddies at the comic shop, and the “talk” you have with friends/family/acquaintances about how good comic books are I promise they’re good they’re not all this bad this isn’t the best representation of them I promise I promise promise.

The Hulk trailer promised us Hulk vs. Sam Elliott in the desert.

The Spider-Man 3 trailer promised us the most memorable Spider-Man story ever.

The Watchmen trailer was perfect.

I don’t know much from the Birds of Prey trailer.

All I recognize is they’re asking us to care about the end of a relationship which we only had one movie to get acquainted with.


If they’re making this movie with the assumption that “Everyone knows who Harley Quinn is and what her connection to The Joker actually means” without truly delving into it, showing what it did to her in the past, without it all becoming about “badass girls doing badass girl things in the present” then they’re misguided about what the story should be.

The past.

Not the present.

This is a little all over the place, but that’s this trailer in a nutshell. I love Harley Quinn and hope the movie does this character justice:


And doesn’t try to make up for the disastrous introduction of this character:

Image result for harley quinn

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