This is Leon. He is a cat who does cat things.

This is one of them.

Today should be a Weeknotes day, but instead I had an incredibly relaxing evening with my wife. I have about half of my tutoring students on fall break, meaning I was able to get personal work done a lot sooner than my normal 9pm wrap time. Combined with my 4am wake-up call and it turned into such a productive day I was done by 3pm.


Wish I could say more, but it’s been more of the same. Baby prep. Working on Project: HARP at 4 in the morning. Running the 5BX Plan every day. Sober October. 30 Push-Ups a day for Instagram.

All this extremely positive life-work has had, you guessed it, an extremely positive impact on my life.

Who knew?

This isn’t so much a blog as it is a status update, hence the title. Swiped the idea from Warren Ellis, who sometimes posts simple status updates to his site, because he is wise and intelligent and a cosmological being made from the finest cigarettes and he once survived a brain aneurysm because nothing can kill him.

Trying to figure out how to craft a post that’s more of an “Update” type formatting, something which could potentially replace Facebook or Twitter. Instead of checking my Twitter, people check here, for example. This isn’t new thinking, but figured I would give a crack at it. We all check each other’s basic websites. I think at its core, that’s what MySpace was trying to do, right down to forcing people of my generation to learn how to code.

That’s right. We had to code to change the wallpaper of our MySpace pages.

Seems like a good enough note to go out on.

100 Days of Blogging rolls on.

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