Fifth Draft

Learning To Be A Professional Writer



STATUS – Am I Doing This Right?

I was watching this YouTube video on the Paul brothers yesterday, Patsy.

STATUS – Trying To Make Things Easier –

...because IMDB apparently doesn't exist.

200th Post

All we really want? Is for someone to like them.

My Unofficial Blogiversary

Two years ago I wrote this on Facebook.

STATUS – Cats –

This is Leon. He is a cat who does cat things.

First Blog Up & Stoppage Guilt

So the Winter Break is at an end, the chaos of the holidays is over, and I got sick in Disneyland. Was it worth it? Absolutely.

What Do You Do When You’ve Missed Your Blog and Haven’t Written Your Novel In A Week?

I haven't written my book in about a week.

Weeknotes 0

Honestly, I can't imagine anyone wanting to read this, but it's something I read about and a new style of blogging I want to try and I have a keyboard in front of me so here we go.

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