I’d had a discussion with a student of mine who went through a bit of a rough day. Like, a really rough day. Like, in trouble for the rest of the year type of trouble.

And he was down, so down, down on himself. His work. His life. So, when I had a chance to talk to him there was only thing I wanted to focus on. Not reminding this particular student of the rough times that were behind him, rather, the good times.

He’d been an excellent student up until this time, turning in his homework, completing projects ahead of schedule, and managing an organized backpack. Great work. Beyond great work. He made one bad choice, and sure he slipped up, with all necessary repercussions due to him, BUT.


My job was reminding him about all that great work. That making one bad mistake shouldn’t take away from all the hard work you’ve put before you. That slipping up shouldn’t ruin what you’ve done. Think about the person on a diet, who does great for 6 days, then has ice cream on the 7th day and proceeds to eat pizza and beer for the next several months.

I missed yesterday’s blog. It’s called “100 Days of Blogging,” but maybe it should be “100 Blogs in 100 Days.” Sure, I’ll double up today, and yeah, it won’t be the same, but you know?

I’m beyond letting one slip up derail me.

Second blog coming later.

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