I’ll tell you. I’ll tell you what’s bothering me.

Some nights all I see is an old soldier helping a very rich man to leave his mansion at night in his expensive car to visit horrible beatings upon poor people.

-Alfred Pennyworth, a dutiful butler deep into a 1947 scotch

Well, when you put it that way, Alfred, it all seems crazy…

This, funnily enough, seems like the perfect collective of my interests these last few weeks. If you’ve been following along I did a massive reread of the first part of Morrison’s Batman run. Maybe it’s because I was hyping myself up for a stellar debut from Ellis, Hitch, Nowlan, Sinclair, and co. If you’ve never read Batman before I can only highly suggest you find your friendly local comic store and give this a shot.

Definitely must break down later and steal its powers. Time keeps jumping out of my hands, though. Need to think of a better time trap.

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