A little melodramatic for a video game? Sure. But it’s never about the character, it’s about what the character has seen.

I started playing Pokémon Sun back in November 2016. According to the Featured Image, I began playing 11/18/2016. That’s…a long time. Like, a really long time ago. Trump’s Presidency only became official a few days before that and that happened, like, 47,000 years ago.

Now, when it came out, I did a farewell of sorts to my previous character from Pokémon X & Y.

Choice is up to you. Am I crazy or just a big softie?

See, these characters matter to those who create them. Who experience them. They are a whole life, running parallel to your own. Anyone who’s ever designed their own main character for a game, a story, an RPG, knows what I mean. They become real, and that’s what continues to make stories brilliant. Life through creation.

I created Xander, the guy above, as I went through my divorce. Without him, it would have been even harder to survive that death.

So, what did Keo do?


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Hello, old friend. #PokemonSunandMoon

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In the time since I first started playing this game:

April and I were already engaged, so we planned a wedding. We got married. We moved into our second apartment together. We honeymooned in the Bahamas together. I turned 30. Then I turned 31. Then, like some kind of clock, I turned 32. I continued writing for George Takei. Then, I started writing for 3 more of his sites. I started this blog. I made an amazing group of friends in Phoenix called the Monster Rangers. We went to Vietnam, the Philippines, and Japan. My tutoring business expanded enough to where I could help take my family to a New Year’s trip to Disney. We got pregnant. We lost that pregnancy. We got pregnant with twins. We bought a house.

And I finished writing 1 book.

You can do a lot in 3 years. Keep track of it all and you’ll see it’s a lot more than you think.

Good-bye, Keo. Thanks for all the help.

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