This is my car on one of my cleaner days.

Take note of how all three cup holders are holding something.

There’s my Kingdom Hearts water bottle at the bottom. I need to drink three of those a day, 24oz each. Some days I fall short, but that’s the goal. Above it is my Disneyland reusable travel mug I bought last time I was there around New Year’s. I’ll chug an entire thing of coffee on my way to my morning homeschool family. Then, mid-day, there will usually be a local coffee cup (or Starbucks if I’m forced to) in the final space because the days are long and there is a lot of driving and sometimes I need a lot more caffeine than is what is currently considered “safe.”

What are words, really?

iPhone charging cable with a Pokémon Munchlax cable protector at the end my wife got for me off of

In the space above the gear shift is my Robrasim Field Notes wallet (Amazon) and Rustic Town pencil pouch (Amazon). Occasionally, when I’m stuck in traffic listening to whatever news or writing podcast is queued up, I’ll have a thought or need to jot something down to remember so I always have it close by.

Captain America backpack I picked up at HotTopic. Bioworld, the designer, makes great stuff. Lots of pockets, lined backing for laptop protection, and overall, it’s super comfy. (HotTopic) (Though, it looks like they’re sold out.)

Not Pictured: A shocking amount of protein bar wrappers in the passenger seat.

There will always be crumbs. There will always be crumpled up papers in the side holders. Having your car also be your office 25% of the time can lead to a bit of a mess. If you want this life best be prepared for a car that will be equal parts messy and clean at the same time, because sometimes I have to transport clients from place to place.

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