Quarantine. Day 15? 10?

Not sure. Doesn’t matter.

I’ve been contemplating my social media presence lately and how I may or may not be leaving an impact on people.

To be upfront, I’m not an expert in this field. I’m not someone who spends all day studying SEO or visiting Google Trends to watch the tickers move up and down for particularly popular subjects. I’m just a dude who uses the internet and watches the way the wind blows online.

I think the way people view social media differs by age and experiences. For some, it’s an “all-day, all-the-time, anytime I’m bored” type of lifestyle. Essentially, when people are bored all day long they want to rely on you to be there to fill the void of what they’re missing. Waiting time, doctor’s appointments, class, buying lunch, whatever. If there’s a lull they want content, and if you’re not there to provide it to them, then you might as well be a ghost.

That’s the hustle for early career social-medialites. To always be making, always be posting, to always be there. Present.

At least at the beginning.

I believe you do reach a forgiveness point, when people don’t mind so much that you don’t post every day, 3 times a day. Sure, at that level, hypothetically, your visitor counts drop from 1,000,000 to 600,000. And that’s fine. You’ve already made your mark.

But, for a select older generation, we don’t need stuff every day. In fact, we kind of resent over-posting. I’m saying ‘we’ but I also find myself drifting to and from from the first category. I don’t someone taking a break in-between their YouTube video essays or writing a really in-depth blog post. Crafts take time. I get that.


Until I hit that point, I think the hustle is what my life needs to be.

Wherever and wherever I can.

*babies begin crying

Okay, maybe I need to cut myself some slack. But a couple of systems and shortcuts to make posting easier should help. Now I just need to figure out what they are. I already use one with the STATUS blog posts, where it’s just a picture and a couple of words, but there should be something else.

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