I guess it’s getting to a point where if Warren Ellis wrote Sesame Street fan fiction I would gobble that stuff up faster than his techno-advanced Cookie Monster devours the souls of the innocent from a parallel dimension or something I don’t know I’m not him.


Spektrmodule is his ambient music podcast I enjoy listening to from time to time. I keep episodes saved on my phone through Apple Podcasts and go back and listen when I’m on flights or when I actually have a moment to let my mind wander. He’s recently started updating them more regularly, which for him means once a week/every other week.

On tonight’s working end I have:

– One freelance article due

– Project: NESS plot outline. (This was the book I was supposed to start for Camp NaNoWriMo but since everybody in the world is hiding and sick, I figured I could belay those plans just a bit.)

– Project: TWILIGHT character beats. (I wrote a 1,300 word treatment for this last week and I don’t think I’ll be able to work on this until the fall, at least. I’ve sidelined another project to focus on this because I feel really excited about it. That’s what you want, right? Excitement about a project?)

Time to get to work.

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