I bought a Kindle Fire about 2 years ago. I didn’t have the money for an iPad w/Bluetooth keyboard at the time and wanted something small to carry in between students to write with. It came in handy but was never fast enough for my taste.

Now, I find myself in the unfortunate situation of not having a read a whole book all of 2020. So, with a lot of thought and heartfelt consideration, I’ve decided to start using the Kindle for its original intended purpose: as an e-reader.

There’s a brief moment of time after we put the boys to sleep where I could read, but I can’t turn the light on in our room. Usually, I’d read for about an hour before bed, so I’m gonna make the full time switch for now to e-books.

First up, Myke Cole’s thrilling conclusion to his Armored Saint series, The Killing Light.

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