Apologies for the bent photos. I took them myself from an open, 370 page graphic novel, and it’s never an exact science.

New X-Men Xorn
Xorn, a prisoner of the Chinese government for over 50 years. His mutant power is a star burns inside his mind.

I re-read Grant Morrison’s New X-Men (Amazon) about once a year. Spanning three massive volumes and 40 issues, it’s a brilliant take on Marvel’s most popular mutants with ideas that still hold up to this day. Sure, the art in some issues is awkward with the occasional cultural reference seeming a little out of place…

But the ideas? Oh, the ideas are strong.

New X-Men Cyclops
Scott Summers, with a stunning moment of inspiration.

It’s not so hard to lighten up.

Think about the…ahh…all these theories which suggest that when a black hole collapses into itself, it becomes a white hole somewhere else in spacetime…

Imagine what you could do! Imagination is the only thing which can survive a gravitational collapse!

We may be in the midst of something dark, black, bleak, but that doesn’t mean that the other side of this isn’t a shining white glimmer of hope we can grab onto. Nothing about what we’re doing is settled, even if we’ve been locked up for 50 years, we can still stand in the light of a new day, letting loose all our fears.

New X-Men Xorn 2
Stand in the sun, Xorn. You’ve earned it. Someday, we all will too.

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