This flower isn’t there anymore.

Phoenix Summer got wind that April just arrived and since Phoenix has never once heard of the term “Springtime weather,” it decided it could barge in, kick down doors, and incinerate our wildlife.

Good-bye, gentle flower in front of our house. We will miss you.

I was supposed to query an agent this week. That hasn’t been easy, even if we’ve all been home since March.

Sometimes, the twins are easy. They nap all day and like to play by themselves. Other times, like this week, they need to be carried at all moments not spent napping because they want to look at the fifth highest shelf on your bookcase and their little baby legs/necks aren’t able to carry them over so you better do it, Dad, or I’m going to cry my little heart out till yours breaks.

I’m not complaining. I would never complain. My sons are a gift. I merely point out the simple realities of having twin boys.

Of course, right when I get my mojo back to start sending stories out, coming to grips with my own presence in the world of writing, that’s when Baby A learns to raise his arms and go, “Pick me up!”

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