Pretty flowers on pretty walks with my boys. Maybe the only thing keeping me sane right now. Possibly some career turmoil on the horizon, but you never know. You roll with it, take the punches, then find something else.

I took the week off after getting my 200th post written. It felt like a good time to reflect on how I want this blog to continue, what it represents to my online presence, and how to consistently make sure these posts are hitting the widest audience possible.

Basically, have to remember to share this on Instagram.

All about that engagement, sonnnnnnnnnnnn.

Today is a scheduling day. Before quarantine and, really, before Twinmaggedon, I used to be able to sit in coffee shops all over the greater Phoenix area with a notebook and an espresso, and plot out stories. Think. Plan.

Now I don’t have nearly as much time and no way to get out of the house to wander. Occasionally, the boys like a nice stroller walk, but it’s Phoenix. You have to know the right time to go for walkies otherwise you’ll be instantly vaporized once you step outdoors.

So, I’m merging some more of writing skills I’ve learned together. Justin Attas was a guest Jane Friedman’s blog and wrote about The Puzzle-Piece Plotting method, a checklist of sorts that breaks down in simplest terms what you actually need to write a book. I took that list, copied it into Microsoft Note, added some bits and took some away, making sure to include the StineModel outline (the outline that R.L. Stine teaches in his MasterClass) then put checkboxes next to it.

Now, I have deliverables.

Today is deciding due dates.

This is all for Project: TWILIGHT, by the way, in case you were interested.

I need more coffee.

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