Time to plug back in, remind myself how to do the typey-typey, wordkey-click motions, and get some serious work done before the end of the year. I’ll do a full project update on Wednesday, as I have scheduled in my head, but we only have one month left and it’s time to do the great work. I’m more than halfway done with my two projects, NESS and DEED, so it’s pedal to the metal and (insert other hardworking analogy) down ahead to finish.

Happy Holidays. Drink that special coffee, put up your Christmas decorations today even though it’s November and Santa doesn’t like that, watch a thousand Hallmark movies, paint your house in a candy cane blood-sacrifice to keep Krampus away, dance naked in your backyard covered head to toe in wrapping paper, but do it all SAFELY. And for the love of cocoa, stay home when you can. Just a little while longer.

We need you here for 2021.

Get to it.

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